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Looking forward to more games where you're playing as the girl. I'll definitely buy them all.

There's not enough porn games for women. I hate yaoi. The female pov games are perfect for me. This and broke girl were my favorite.

Anal sex?

What languages does the game have available?

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Honestly, do something with your English translator. In case of women 愛液 should be translated as "love juice" or simply "juice" but diffidently not as "semen". It word for mans fluids, and using it towards woman just broke experience.

PS Also I don't know why 愛液 sometimes translated as sperm, and some times as love juices in your text. Is here different translators?



Can it be free


Would you go to work for no pay?


If I didn't have to pay for food and housing, fuck yeah I would. Besides, a lot of games on Itch (at least the adult ones) are free with requests for donation beyond that.

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These games are great just wish it had better grammar.


Says the one who can't spell grammar.

Show post...

Damn You're Savage..Puhuhuhu


I've no idea what you mean.


I'm pointing my finger and laughing at you.